Terms and Conditions
Registration Policy
In order to confirm your registration, the deposit of $50.00 must be paid in full and received by the Bridge to HR Office, within the next 10 business days.  

Cancellation/Withdraw Policy  
A participant may cancel/withdraw from the Program by submitting a written notification to Program staff no later than one week, (five business days) from the first day of the Program. The $50.00 administration fee is non-refundable.  

An official cancellation/withdrawal from the Program must be submitted by written notice to Program staff. Cancellation of payment on a credit card or PayPal or verbally advising the Program staff that you will no longer attend the Program by phone or in-person, does not constitute as an official withdrawal.

Program Policy
Seneca course withdrawals or transfers are only permitted, with a written request before the end of the second week of classes. Course withdrawals and transfers are not accepted by telephone. The course transfer must be within the four eligible courses offered by the Program.  Participants may be required to contact Seneca College directly to withdraw from a course(s).   

Course textbooks are available to be loaned to participants and are to be returned in original condition. For textbooks that are not returned within two weeks of the final exam date, a participant will be charged the cost of the textbook. The participant is responsible for any damages sustained and/or responsible for covering any cost associated with replacing the loaned textbook(s).

Attendance Policy  
Participants must complete all program components in its entirety (i.e. workshop classes, work placement, mentoring and Seneca courses).  The 10 days of workshop classes are mandatory prior to the start of the other program components.   If an emergency arises during your attendance of any of the program components, please inform the Program Staff immediately. 

Completion Certificate Policy  
Participants must complete all program components within a 6-month period to be eligible to receive the Program Completion Certificate.   A certificate is awarded once a participant completes the full Program, such as attending all workshop classes, work placement, mentorship and Seneca courses.